Educational Service.

Mr. James Bravewolf

Premier Fencing Club is pleased to announce the partnership with Mr. James Bravewolf to provide educational services to our fencers. The goal is to allow our fencers to have both fencing practices and academic studying at the same facility. We understand time is very important for busy parents and fencers.
Mr. Bravewolf is dedicated to provide high end educational services which lead to maximize students’ potential in science and technology, arts, history, music and sports. He helps students to discover their inner visions and interests using our unparalleled method.
He offers different services for our fencers:
1. Immersion Classes with different subjects for different grades (6th – 10th grade)
2. College applications (Premium Package for moderately selective schools and Premium Plus for highly selective schools)
3. College essay guidance
4. College counseling
5. Emergency counseling
6. VIP mental training
7. Student athlete warrior training
8. Professional athlete warrior training
9. Continue College Support
10. Guardianship for overseas student
We are offering a special promotional rate: one-on-one session @ $45/hour

SAT/ACT and Subject Areas tutoring services

Premier Fencing Club is pleased to announce we can provide SAT/ACT and subject areas tutoring for our fencers.
Subject areas include: Biology (E/M), Chemistry, Math 1, Math 2, Physics, and Literature/writing.
The packages that he offers are for Premier fencers only.
Here are the different packages available:
1. One on One private tutoring – $120/hr (every session is 2 hours and min total 24 hours or 12 sessions).
2. Group sessions:
1. group with 2 students – $75/student/hour (every session is 2 hours with min of 24 hours or 12 sessions).
2. group with at least 4 students – $45 per student per hour (every session is 2 hours).
If you have any questions or comments, please do hesitate to contact me.
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