Parents’ Corner.

Free Open Bouting night and $75 commission

Please come to our Free Open Bouting night this Friday from 6-8pm. Bring your friends, neighbor, and relatives to fence with us.
If any of your guest decides to sign up with Premier Fencing Club for classes (beginner to competitive), you will get $75 commission. Many parents and fencers have shared the club information, helped their friends to sign up and got the $75 commission. Asking your guests to come to open bouting night will be a great way to show them our facility and our fencers’ qualities.
Pizza will be available @ $2/slice.

Everyone gets a chance to fence with our coach

Everyone in the club gets a chance to fence with our very own Olympian, Coach Tamer.

2017 End of the School Year Party

Our Fencers are all working hard in both Schools and Fencing.

We want your ideas

To provide better services for our club members, we want your help. Please feel free to contact us about your ideas/comments/questions. We are listening and we take your ideas seriously.
Here is a list of ideas we gather so far. Please tell us what you think.
1. Encourage fencers to get new rating.
– For any fencer who gets a new rating (E,D,C,B,A) or renew his/her A rating, we will give the fencer a $25 worth of gift card.
2. We would like to ask fencer to invite his/her friends for free Friday bouting.

Starting 4/30/17, Premier Fencing Club asking members to invite you fiends to join free fencing on every Friday night from 6:30-8:30pm

Premier Fencing Club is pleased to announce that members are encouraged to invite their friends to join us for free fencing every Friday night starting next week (4/30/17).
Tell you friends, classmates, parents, siblings to come for a fun Friday night fencing.
Please contact us if you have any comments/questions.

3/29/17 and 4/5/17 – Tutoring Service information sessions

We invited James BraveWolf to provide 2 separate information sessions to the club members. 3/29 session is for Parents and 4/5 session is for Fencers. We have many parents and fencers interested in his service. We are in the process to plan and setup schedule to allow parents/fencers to setup.

Ladies Fencing Class

Are you interested in joining a ladies fencing class in the morning? PFC is thinking about starting an Epee class for adults in the morning. Both ladies and gentlemen are welcome. If you are interested, please send us an email (
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